Billing Consulting


Billing Assessment

Performing billing correctly in-house can be very complex and leaves you susceptible to both theft and risk of fraud. Our consultants will spend time in your office assessing your in-house billing practice, and assist you in putting changes and improvements in place. Improving your practice's in-house billing can result in higher revenue per visit, lower risk of embezzlement and theft, lower risk of accusation of fraud, lower expenses associated with billing, and a higher profit margin.


Transition to In-House

It may be time to consider bringing your outsourced billing back home, but this can be a daunting prospect. Our consultants are familiar with billing's best practices and will help you set up your in-house billing to be the most efficient and practical system possible.


Outsourced Billing

In-house billing is not for everyone. Although there are benefits to having the billing done in your office, there are a lot of downsides as well. Our consultants can help you determine if outsourced billing is the right solution for your practice. If that is the right choice for you, our sister company, Clean Bill of Health, will be happy to generate a no-obligation proposal for you.