Business Management Consulting


Practice Management Assessment

There are a wide range of improvements our consultants can assist you in implementing in your practice. These include assessing your practice to determine where there are pain-points, seeking out areas that can be improved upon, and assisting you in growing to accommodate new growth and services areas.

Our consultants will spend time in your office assessing a multitude of procedures and processes, and assist you in putting changes and improvements in place. Improving your practice's efficiency results in more productive work, a lower-stress environment for staff and patients, improves the patients' experience and your relationship with them, results in a more robust and speedy billing process and improves work flow throughout your office.

Are your telephones ringing all the time? Is your staff harried and worked to the bone? Do you find that your waiting room is always full of patients, many of whom have been waiting for a long time? Improving the flow of patients in your office does not necessitate moving to a new location or spending lots of money on costly remodeling. Sometimes easy changes can drastically improve the way patients move through your practice, easing the workload and experience on all employees, from the physicians down to the receptionists. Our consultants can help determine what iscausing these issues and help you implement their solutions.

Even if you think that you always have enough cash on hand to pay your bills, every practice has room for improvement in its cash flow process. Our consultants review the processes that you are currently employing - starting from the moment your staff schedules the patient appointment, through your claims handling and appeals process, until the moment that the patient's invoice is settled. We then suggest new methods and processes that can improve your revenue capture, from staff behavior to modern technologic tools and the implementation of new systems.


Human Resources

Employees cannot be expected to perform their jobs properly, or even within the guidelines you expect, if they are not clearly aware of your needs and goals as the boss. In cases of employment termination for cause, proving that an employee has violated clearly established company guidelines can help you defend your company from a wrongful termination suit. Our consultants will assist you to establish employment guidelines and job descriptions, create an official employee handbook, and deliver a seminar to explain all components of this handbook to your employees, and ease its implementation at your practice.


Attracting Patients

Focusing on your patients and their medical care is clearly and understandably your main goal in practicing medicine. But you are not only a physician, you are also a business owner, and your patients are also your customers. We understand this, and, using current tools and marketing plans, we want to help you market your practice to increase both your revenue and your patient volume.

Marketing to patients is incorrectly perceived by many physicians to be unseemly. In reality, it is your way of letting potential patients who are in need of your services how to find you, helping you bring your medical skills to bear in treating more patients than before. Our consultants will provide you with the tools and plans you need to enhance your image, both in person and online.

Online is the place to be. With your own, well-designed website, you can market your practice to patients as well as keep your current patients engaged and involved. Today's consumers are technologically savvy, and want to be able to learn about you and your practice on their own time. Give them that access, with a website, with social networking or, better yet, with both! We can help you become familiar with internet tools and promote your practice online.

You already have a customer base in your existing patients, so you need to get to know them in order to give them what they want. If you don't keep your patients engaged, they will consider your services a commodity, and can easily find someone else to provide them. Our consultants can develop a satisfaction survey customized for your practice to give you information about your patients, to learn what services they want from you, what they think of your providers and staff, and how they rate your practice. With this tool you can learn a lot about how your patients perceive you and your practice, powerful information to help us help you shape and grow your practice.


Insurance Contract Management

Even leaving aside the changes to healthcare law that Congress passed in late 2010, the healthcare industry is steadily and surely moving away from the traditional fee-for-service method of payment, and transitioning to a performance-based design. Knowing how to take advantage of these changes is critical to keeping your practice healthy and growing into the future.

Our consultants are familiar not only with physicians and how your practice, but also how insurance carriers operate, and we can help you squeeze the highest possible revenue out of your insurance relationships. Contracts we negotiate routinely pay higher rates, strengthening our clients' bottom lines. We assist our clients in understanding their insurance contracts - properly understanding their content is critical to handling your interaction with your payers. Our consultants are also experienced in negotiating with insurance carriers, both for new contracts and for new contractual terms - getting the best fee schedule is not the only goal in contract negotiations, just a single factor in a complex relationship, and our consultants can help you negotiate a contract that meets your practice's needs with all its provisions.

It is not always feasible to negotiate with a particular payer, or sometimes with any payers at all. But there are many alternate ways to improve your finances. Our consultants will review the policies and procedures that you use for claims processing, payer interaction, patient payment collection and more. We will also review what your costs are from dealing with particular insurance carriers and assist you in altering the ratio of patients you have from certain carriers in order to enhance the financial health of your practice.

While your contracts with insurance carriers are exceptionally important, payers have policies outside of your contract. Failure to know about and act upon these policies can have a great impact on your practice, both from a financial perspective and from a patient care perspective. Our consultants assiduously and comprehensively review the policies of your contracted carriers to assist you in your clinical, documentary and billing procedures in order to assist you in successfully navigating these policies and avoiding unexpected insurance revenue recoupments and accusations of fraud.