Clinical Consulting


Test Tracking

A sizeable minority of anomalous laboratory results go astray and are not reported to patients, putting them (and you) at risk. Unfortunately this happens even in highly-regarded practices. The best way to minimize this problem is with the establishment of a thorough and well-controlled system. Our consultants will review your current test result reporting procedures and help you establish a tightly managed program which will substantially improve your patient management profile.


Vaccine Management and Medication Supply

The purchase of medical supplies, particularly vaccines, is probably your biggest expense. And even though you ultimately get reimbursed for vaccines and other medications, carrying an unnecessarily large inventory locks up a lot of your operating cash. Worse, if that inventory is not properly managed, your investment will ultimately cost you in the form of expired drugs and wasted product. We have formulated a strong program to manage your supply based on our experience acquired from many implementations. Our system controls your inventory and ordering from the first dose ordered to the last dose administered, reducing your expenses and boosting your profitability.


Insurance Incentive Programs

Pay-For-Performance and Physician Quality Reporting Initiative programs were designed to ensure certain minimum standards of medical care, and pay physicians incentives for rendering certain services. Most providers are already rendering these services. But are you getting paid for them? It is even worth participating? Our consultants will evaluate your practice, determine which programs you qualify for, guide you in determining which programs are worth your effort, and assist you in establishing a participation protocol.


Technology Implementation

There are many places in your practice that technology can be used to improve clinical care outside of the traditional EMR. These include patient education programs, insurance benefit eligibility look-up, state vaccine registries and more. As new medical improvement laws require increasing technology implementation, our consultants help providers select and implement new and emerging technologies in their practice.


Patient Recall Programs

Quality ongoing patient care depends on patients returning for follow-up and subsequent care. But physicians have many other things to worry about, and many patients inevitably slip through the cracks and fail to obtain the subsequent care they need. An effective patient recall program can improve your clinical efficacy, improve your reportable numbers for insurance incentive programs, improve your bottom line, and improve your relationship with your patients. Our consultants can tailor a patient recall program to your practice, meeting your specific needs.